Stihl MS462C-M 20"/50cm Chainsaw - 4.4 kW (2-Stroke)

Stihl MS 462 C-M 25 Inch Petrol Chainsaw
Effortlessly cut through medium to large sized trees with the high-power and professional 25” MS 462 C-M Chainsaw from Stihl. Machined to leave even seasoned professionals impressed, the lightest high-power 70cc class Petrol Chainsaw provides top of the range power to weight ratio, pushing the boundaries yet again with increased displacement, power and torque. This outstanding piece of machinery is ideal for forestry and arborist professionals, designed to deliver excellent cutting performance when felling and pruning medium and high-density stands and thick timber.

Crafted from lightweight yet durable magnesium piston, you can enjoy the rapid acceleration of the MS400 C-M, which will not compromise on extreme power output and maximum speed with Stihl’s latest M-Tronic 3.0 technology. Offering a simple re-calibration procedure and enhanced HD2 filter with a radial seal, this robust Petrol Chainsaw will never falter when working in the forest. The brand new 2-Mix engine incorporates a 1-in-4 technology, boasting a highly functional and economical 4kW of power whilst cutting harmful emissions by up to 50% and curtailing fuel consumption by up to 20%. Stihl’s 2-Mix technology is the energy-efficient and economical Chainsaw option compared to 2-stroke Mix engines of the same power output.

Stihl manufacturers ensure their high-quality Chainsaws are crafted with reliability and comfort in mind. The MS400 C-M forestry saw is no different, displaying a range of useful technological features such as the adjustable-displacement oil pump, stainless steel muffler and captive nuts on the sprocket cover for an overall robust piece of machinery. Complete with automatic Stihl Ematic chain lubrication, the MS400 C-M regulates oil bar consumption for optimum durable wear of the chain.

Say goodbye to long, arduous working days in the forest with the anti-vibration system and less gyroscopic force on acceleration, combining to produce an outstanding model that is comfortable to use for extended sawing periods and without the risk of nuisance hand fatigue or long-term injuries.

Stihl MS462C-M 20"/50cm Chainsaw - 4.4 kW (2-Stroke)

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