Barclay Gallup Biograde Amenity Glyphosate 20L

Gallup Biograde Amenity (MAPP 17674) is a concentrated total weed killer spray.

A strong, systemic, glyphosate herbicide from Barclay – Gallup Biograde is suitable for many areas of use, such as; driveways, block paving, gravel, grass destruction, waterways, etc

If you are intending on using this product in or near water, please take a look at the Environment Agency guidance notes and Environment Agency agreement to use herbicides in or near water form.

Do not confuse this product “GALLUP BIOGRADE AMENITY” which holds a full amenity and aquatic label with another product “GALLUP BIOGRADE 360” which has a far more limited label and areas of approval. Do not get caught out with the incorrect approval.

Key Points:

Very strong, commercial grade 360g/L glyphosate
Varied application methods: boom sprayer, knapsacks, weedwipers, stem injection and cut stump
Gallup 360 is used as a total weedkiller in amenity situations including; enclosed water, forestry (including tree stump and stem injection), hard surfaces, land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas, natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil and open water.
Use in commercial, industrial, horticultural, aquatic & public areas
Economical and varied dose rate, to suit different target weeds: grass, broad-leaved and woody weeds
Glyphosate degrades in soil.
Rates vary depending on the method of application, but a 5 L pack will cover up to 1ha (2.5ac) when applied with a boom sprayer.

Barclay Gallup Biograde Amenity Glyphosate 20L

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