Stihl Advance Procom BT Chainsaw Helmet Ear Defender Set

The Stihl ADVANCE ProCOM ear defenders set acts as ear protection and a communication tool, tailored specifically to the needs of professionals working in forestry and tree maintenance.
This version is retrofittable for FUNCTION Universal, ADVANCE X-VENT and ADVANCE X-CLIMB helmets.


Forestry workers, arborist teams, project managers, training centres, construction sites, local council authorities.
Professional use.
Helmet version recommended for use with ADVANCE X-CLIMB helmet.
Fits X-VENT helmets if removed from the original holding arms, Compatible but not ‘certified’ – take care to not break the polymer arms.
Suitable for any third party helmet compatible with 3M attachments.
Protection & Hardware:
High attenuation value (SNR 31). Ear protectors SNR 32.
Lightweight and comfortable for long durations of use.
Large buttons with separating dividers, clear which buttons are being pressed. Easy to operate while wearing gloves.
IP 64; full protection against contact (dust), protection from splashing water from all sides. Fine for use in the rain, Very high audio quality.
Microphone and wires sit closely to users face and the helmet, less likely to snag on branches or twigs in the tree canopy.
Battery operating time 9-17 hours depending on use of features (worst / best case scenario). Impacted by external conditions.
Communication range of up to 600 meters, can cater for up to 16 headsets per channel. each headset acts as an amplifier and increases the overall range of the system, meaning workers located around the forest could communicate over further distances than 600m.
Ambient mode is an optional feature that picks up noise and play it through the ear phone speakers. This means potential dangers such as traffic, plant machinery or members of the public can be heard clearly. Ambient mode is deactivated automatically when machine noise is detected.
Communication is always prioritised over radio or music – the music volume will automatically reduce as incoming messages are received, ensuring clear communication at all times.
Microphone can be turned on and off. When off, hold the push to talk (PTT) button to temporarily activate the microphone. Ideal for choosing between frequent / infrequent communication.
Other features:
ProCOM headsets link automatically, easy setup. Different teams can work in the same area by changing the channel in the app.
Radio feature included. Change stations, adjust volume using buttons on ProCOM headset, not phone. Faster working.
Like DYNAMIC BT, it’s possible to pair a smartphone via Bluetooth so users can answer phone calls or listen to music.
The free ADVANCE ProCOM app ads extra functions such as saving favourite radio stations, adjusting communication channels, and changing the microphone sensitivity.
Activate Siri / Google Assistant etc. at the press of a button, access phone features hands-free.
Other handheld radio devices can be integrated into system.

Stihl Advance Procom BT Chainsaw Helmet Ear Defender Set

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