Stabila 1889 Edition Pocket Level

The Stabila Pocket Pro Magnetic is a professional quality spirit level that fits in the pocket, or can be attached to a belt with the clip supplied.

This little compact level has strong magnets that hold the level in place on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Made from precisely ground aluminium, this level can measure pipe surfaces with its v -groove base.
Stabila Pocket Pro Magnetic is ideal for every craftsman who is proud of his work.
The level has a robust case with aluminium core for added strength with two milled measuring surfaces on the side and base.
These professional levels allow the user to take measurements on flat and round surfaces, as both the base and lateral measuring surfaces have an extra strong rare earth magnet which is up to 5 times stronger than normal ferrite magnets.
This will leave your hands free for adjusting and aligning metal objects.
Accuracy in normal position +/ -1mm / m.

Stabila 1889 Edition Pocket Level

£5.00 (ex vat)

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