Stihl BR500 Low Noise Backpack Blower (2-Stroke)

STIHL Backpack Blower | BR 500
STIHL BR 500 comes with an upgraded 4-MIX engine, providing even more power, performance, fuel economy and lower emissions. The BR 500 is also made with a built sound dampener making it brilliant for working in areas requiring lower noise levels. On top of this, an anti-vibration system, multi-function control handle and an ergonomic harness to offers a brilliant level of comfort and ergonomics.

Technical Specification

Air speed m/s (1) – 81
Displacement cm³ – 64.8
Weight kg (2) – 10.1
Sound pressure level dB(A) (3) – 90.0
Sound power level dB(A) (3) – 100.0
Vibration level right m/s² (4) – 1.4
Air throughput m³/h (1) – 810
Max. Air throughput m³/h (5) – 1.380

Stihl BR500 Low Noise Backpack Blower (2-Stroke)

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