Makita 48 Piece HSS Screw & Socket Set

Makita B-36192 48 Piece HSS-G Screw and Socket Set Hex Shank In Case
The Makita B-36192 accessory set contains HHS-G drill bits which are ideally suited to metal but also suitable for materials like wood or plastic, along with 5 metric nut drivers, a bit holder and screwdriver bits for Phillips, Slotted, Pozi, Torx and Hex screws.
Drill Bits manufactured to high DiN 338 standards
Also contains 39 Screwdrivers and Socket bits for numerous fixing tasks
A magnetic 60mm 1/4″ Locking Bit holder is included for use in power tools allowing for quicker bit changes
Comes With
1 x Makita B-36192 48 Piece HSS-G Screw and Socket Set

4mm Nut Driver
5mm Nut Driver
6mm Nut Driver
8mm Nut Driver
10mm Nut Driver
2mm HSS-G Drill Bit
3mm HSS-G Drill Bit
4mm HSS-G Drill Bit
5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
6mm HSS-G Drill Bit
3.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
4.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
2.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
1.5mm HSS-G Drill Bit
Quick Release Bit Holder
2x PZ1, 2xPZ2, 1xPZ3 Screwdriver Bits
2x PH1, 2xPH2, 1xPH3 Screwdriver Bits
1x SL4.5, 2xSL5.5, 2xSL6.5 Screwdriver Bits
1x H2, 1xH2.5, 1xH3, 1xH4, 2xH5, 2xH6 Screwdriver Bits
1x T10, 2xT15, 2xT20, 2xT25, 2xT30, 1xT40 Screwdriver Bits

Makita 48 Piece HSS Screw & Socket Set

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