Stihl MS194TC-E 12"/30cm Top Handle Chainsaw - 1.0 kW (2-Stroke)

The Stihl MS194 T top handed chainsaw has received a number of significant upgrades over the previous MS193T and has been designed to sit in the middle of the MS151T and 201T models. The 12″ / 30cm cutter bar features a 1/4″ Pico chain which offers a fast and efficient cutting performance making this chainsaw suitable for pruning, crown lifting and reduction jobs, as well as taking down small trees.

Designed with a 31.8cc 2-MIX petrol engine which is 9% more powerful (1.4kW) than it’s predecessor with 7% more torque (15Nm). This 2-MIX engine separates the exhaust emissions from the un-burnt gas, to reduce un-burnt gases leaving the engine before combustion helping to increase power output whilst reducing fuel consumption. The ErgoStart recoil system makes light work of starting this chainsaw.

The Stihl MS 194 top handled chainsaw is designed with a diagnostic port for easy and simple diagnostics. Featuring the Stihl anti vibration system teamed with the lightweight design makes using this chainsaw much more comfortable for the user, even during longer periods of use.

Stihl MS194TC-E 12"/30cm Top Handle Chainsaw - 1.0 kW (2-Stroke)

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